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Brandon Johnson Wins Chicago Mayoral Race

Johnson defies expectations in electoral upset of Paul Vallas to take the Chicago Mayorship.

Former Democratic county commissioner Brandon Johnson (D-IL) has officially won the Chicago Mayoral election, topping off a massive comeback despite being behind by several thousands votes absentee voting to Paul Vallas (D-IL).

Johnson finished with 51.45% of the vote to Vallas’ 48.55% with all precincts reporting by midnight on Tuesday.

County Commissioner Brandon Johnson (left) & businessman Paul Vallas (right)

“You know, they said this would never happen,” Johnson said in his victory speech Tuesday night. “If they didn’t know — now they know.”

Johnson, who was out fundraised by Lightfoot and Vallas by a margin of 4 to 1 proclaimed his allegiance to workers unions and the teachers union.

Chicago Precinct Map

“Make no mistake about it, Chicago is a union town,” he said, but in another interview the next morning he stated that he is “Not beholden to the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU)”, seemingly contradicting himself on the matter.

Additionally, Johnson has not officially endorsed reparations for Foundational Black Americans, and has made nor formal policy proposal for the descendants of the Freedman who reside in the windy city.

“Tonight is the beginning of a Chicago that truly invests in all of its people,” Johnson said. “The heart of this movement has always been about investing in people … Because I’ve seen what disinvestment looks like.”

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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