OP-ED: A Message to the ‘Lost Generation’

Young Black people have no obligation to the ‘olders’ ‘

We’ve all been around that one family member who speaks against reparations, or claims that a Black person murdered by white supremacist is somehow at fault for their own deaths, and of course who deny anti-Black racism in general.

Young Black people have not only been tasked with fighting the global system of white supremacy, but have been saddled with people who claim to be our “elders” but are instead our biggest adversaries or at the very least hindrances.

We oppose the racist, the coons defend them. We vote against anti-Black bigots, the bootlicks rally to hold voting sermons for segregationists. We try to build with them, they try to sabotage or humiliate us. 

This address is directed towards those people.

Al Sharpton

For a generation you shamelessly doubted the youth over our personal endeavors and political sentiments. You stood with the white supremacist in congress and across state legislators as both parties opted to economically attack us. You voted for candidates who refused to commit anything to us. You intentionally sabotaged electoral strategies proposed by the youth for nearly 5 decades. And worst of all you sat by and watched as our enemies savaged us, you even had the audacity to giggle about it. 

We’ll make sure to teach the next generation to never be like you, and when the monsters come for you, we will let them.

Ben Crump

You held many things over our heads, even though in retrospect it was either nothing or at best pocket change in comparison to our non-Black societal counterparts.

But you will not hold the future over us. 

All contingencies, plans and stratagems alike will no longer account for the lost generation of Black people, elderly or young who’ve adopted this cowardly way of operating. They should be considered no more than cannon fodder for the Black empowerment movement.

Mother Emmanuel Attack victims, Charleston 2018
Kroger Grocery attack victims, Jeffersontown 2018
Tops Grocery Store attack victims, Buffalo 2022

So you win. You can have your bootlicking status, your imagined safety from racial violence, and your petty trinkets. It will mean nothing when a anti-Black racist or a group of them decide to move on you. 

If you insist on helping our enemies then you’re not just cannon fodder, you’re a collaborator, and that’s a dangerous path to follow. 

 So don’t ask what we plan on doing, because you won’t be involved.. Or maybe you will.

Marcus Davis, Terrence Dorner, B1Daily

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