Performer Attacked by White Supremacist on Subway

New York City's officials ban together to protect Daniel Penny, a white supremacist murder suspect accused of killing a local performer.

A young Black performer who was a known Michael Jackson impersonator named Jordan Neely was assaulted and murdered by white supremacist on a NYC subway train last week. The murder is gaining international attention due to the brazen disregard for the law being displayed by New York public officials including the corrupt Transit and NY police departments.

NYC’s Jordan Neely

Neely was asking for food and was alleged to be acting “erratic” though no evidence has been produced to justify his own harming of someone let alone is any justification for retaliatory violence being levied against the young dancer who was said to be mildly autistic and was going through a bout of homelessness. 

What’s unsurprising was the white media attempted to place an embargo on any information being disseminated about the thug who murdered Neely or the other assailant’s that assisted in holding him down.

But the Black grassroots have become far more effective in information gathering following the 2020 uprisings, taking a total of 48 hours to identify the killer of Mr. Neely and circulate the murder’s name. 

Daniel Penny is the name of the white supremacist who attacked Mr. Neely, putting him in a chokehold and strangling him to death.

Daniel Penny

B1 Daily is looking for the names of the assailants responsible for holding Mr. Neely down, if you have any information contact or form or email us directly at

We know that Mr. Penny is being protected by the NYPD due to the fact that the NY Metro Transit authorities allowed the NYPD to investigate the case, and the NYPD has refused to comment on the whereabouts of Penny. 

Additionally, a report from New York’s chief medical examiner on May 3rd determined that Neely’s cause of death was due to “compression of neck (chokehold)”. It was then ruled a homicide. Despite this, DA Alvin Brag is still seeking to court a gran jury to even determine if Penny should be charged, which experts note as “obscene”.

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul (D)  also vaguely defended the murder of the dancer at the hands of the white supremacist stating that she “Had made sure there were more cameras on the subway to make people feel safe” seemingly condemning Mr. Neely’s actions, not his killer’s.

Outrage has boiled throughout the metro over the last week, with dozens of instances of demonstrators and police clashing outside of the NYPD central station among other venues. 

Current NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) who is a former NY police sergeant that’s been accused of his own wrongdoings while in his tenure, advised New Yorkers to “Let the investigation play out.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) & Al. Sharpton (D)

Pundits note that another high profile killing of a Black citizen has once again occurred in a Democratic enclave despite Black voter’s overwhelming support of Democratic candidates. 

Rev. Al Sharpton demanded that the city bring charges. He also stated the city officials weren’t handling the situation well, despite his own previous support and endorsement for the current Mayor Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul, who are the state’s highest profile officials. 

Samaritans continue to mourn Mr. Neely’s passing. So far there have been 14 candle vigils held in his honor. 

Neely himself grew up in a damning situation, losing his mother at the tender age of 14, when she was brutally killed by strangulation. Neely would later be forced to testify at the trial where he confronted his mother’s ex-boyfriend and killer, all at the age of 15.

Larry Malcolm Smith Jr, a friend of Mr. Neely said that Jordan would dance not just for himself but to make money for younger homeless kids in the area, so that they may have food to eat.

“This was a good guy,” Smith said. “He would be in the New York City train station using his God-gifted ability and talent.” 

“I just want people to know the positives,” Smith said, adding that Neely was failed by the very systems meant to ensure young people have stable homes and steady mental health treatment. “Jordan could have been housed but nobody cares.”

Barrington Williams, Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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