‘Creepy Cuomo’ Resigns Amid Scandal

Independent investigators have found that the numerous sexual harassment allegations made against Andrew Cuomo are true.

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Cosby Vindicated

The prosecution against Mr. Cosby was led by the clearly bias Pennsylvania state prosecutor Kevin Steele and was characterized by witness tampering, with intention to bring forth testimony of decades old allegations with no legitimate collaborative evidence to boot, using testimony that Mr. Cosby stated under oath, which cumulated in a direct violation of his 5th amendment rights.

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Time’s Up Exposed

According to Forbes Magazine, donors included wealthy talent agencies like ICM Partners, Creative Artists Agency, Paradigm Talent Agency, United Talent Agency, The Wunderkinder Foundation, and even the likes of William Morris Endeavor. Funding from these agencies amounted to nearly 30% of Times up funding as well as providing the initial funding for it’s previous iteration, “Me Too”.