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Inside The 2020 Foundational Black American Conference

We as Foundational Black Americans (FBAs) needed this conference.

Nowhere else on this planet could you find a gathering of like-minded, on code Black individuals that could politic, network, build, and create without the overbearing shadow of white supremacy lurking in the background trying to disrupt Black progress.
For almost ten hours, FBAs transformed the Georgia World Congress Center into a sacred place where we can be our true, proud selves without neither the dominate society questioning why are we expressing our heritage with boastful pride, nor non-FBA goofy Black immigrants sambo coons trying to stop us.

For too long, we as Black Americans have grown comfortable in allowing outsiders to get into our think tanks; thus making us to ponder why our progress was halted by invaders and why our movement was hijacked.
The historical first anniversary of the Foundational Black American Conference 2020 (FBAC2020) stopped that.
Hosted by Tariq Nasheed of Hidden Colors and 1804 fame and activist Jade Arrindell, the FBAC2020 is the world’s only Black First, on code conference for FBAs seeking to network and build with those on the same page.
It is a celebration of everything FBAs stand for: building from scratch, creating a powerful economic base for our people and our people alone, and honoring our ancestors who fought and died for us so that we could gain freedom and power in the world.
This event was a experience of a lifetime. the merchants, the vibe, and the slew of powerful Black speakers whom dropped game on building a stronger Black First community.

The Vendors
It was amazing to see various Black vendors selling, showcasing, and offering their products and services; ranging from security, media outreach, health/beauty, and even a company showcasing a fighting video game that will feature characters from African and FBA legends.
There was not a complaint about the pricing of products being unfair (“sorry”: no broke dusty morons looking for a discount on Black-owned products allowed at the FBAC 2020).
I personally had to stop myself from going over my spending budget for the conference because I couldn’t help but support my brethren’s’ businesses. I wanted to build an economic base for black business (because, as the old adage goes: we all we got).
Hell, I almost went into the negative with my bank account due to my overspending at the FBAC vendor tables, but at least it went for a great cause: Black Empowerment (get used to see that phase throughout this article).

The Vibe
If I could describe the vibe of the conference in one word, it would be empowerment. Each vendor, panelist, and attendee focused on empowering one another through their words, buying power, and action.
There was not a single Black person trying to bring another Black person down. Nobody was on any form of funny business when making transactions with venders. You were to be hard pressed to discover anyone on some cornball goofy nonsense alongside with white supremacist trolls.
Because we were too on-code to allow undesirable off-code activity to interfere with Black progress and empowerment (plus, the trolls and the cornball goofball coons who love trolling on The New Black Media internet pages never had the courage to pull up to the event to try anything in real life!).
Remember: When there is Black unity there is always Black success. And Black defense.

The Speakers

The selection of powerhouse guests delivering their messages to the attendees was diverse. They discussed health care advice, education awareness, honoring our warrior class ancestors, and reparations. However at the end of the day, they all came together for one mission: Black progress.

These guests and speakers included Rahiem Shabazz; who explained how our children are mentality, emotionally, and spiritually murdered through a white supremacist educational system. He suggest that we should take our children out of white controlled public schooling and place them in schools that focus on Afro-centric studies (or home-schooling with an Afro-centric education system if a physical building for such studies aren’t around in one’s city).

Dr. Charm Tims gave tips on maintaining your health during COVID (such as going vegan and increasing your Vitamin C and D intake). Furthermore, she stated that we must take care of our bodies and be cautious with what foods we consume: as certain foods and eating habits will lead to heart disease and diabetes (given COVID heavily targets those with pre-existing conditions such as the two I mentioned).

Divine Prospect provided an endgame for protesting race-related brutality. In his powerful message, he states that we as FBAs must stop doing the same thing we did in the past, strengthen our communities’ defenses, create resources for ourselves, and take power so that we don’t have to keep protesting when one of us is harmed or killed by race soldiers or white extremist terrorists.

Host Tariq Nasheed broke down why we must understand and acknowledge our FBA lineage and heritage on a historical level. Mr. Nasheed warned against using certain words and terms to describe our ethic heritage; as other groups could hijack it and use it for political gains.

In his words, there is power in naming ourselves or allowing outsiders to name us whatever they please. In this way, this gives us the power to build an economic and political base for ourselves through cultural building without the dominate society interfering with our progress.
Following suite from Tariq’s key point, Dr. Kaba went further on the importance of understanding our FBA heritage and our evolution as FBAs. He mentions how people often state that Africans are the original people (a common saying) but take it one step further.

Dr. Kaba, a famed spiritual teacher sates that Africans are the only people; other races are merely mutations of the original African people (due to the Ice Age).
This would lead to him classify Africans and the mutants as two sets of people: The Sun People (original Africans) and The Ice People (non-Africans). The Sun People stay where it was warm and evolved while the Ice People moved to colder parts of the world; losing their African-features and forming into the people we know today as Europeans and Asians.

Dr. Boyce Watkins dropped game on the importance of black ownership through wealth and economics; providing solutions to our crippling Black economic state (such as investing in our own communities and keeping our money in said communities longer than 6 hours).
In unison with Dr. Watkins’ economic empowerment, Jabari Osaze delivered the importance of Black reparations for FBAs: a topic that has been on the forefront of FBA’s battle plan since the dawn of the New Black Media. He suggests rather than to ask the dominate society to give us reparations, we must take it instead as it is our duty to do so as descendants of American slaves.

Professor James Small covered the spirit of our resistance towards slavery and white supremacy through revolts, riots and uprisings: both physical and spiritual. He gave historic examples of rebellions such as the burning of New York and Charleston in the 1700s by African slaves, the Nat Turner Rebellion, the German rebellion and the Haitian Revolution of the 1800s.
Going further with the spirit of rebellion, Professor Small stated that wearing our hair natural or covering our bodies with traditional African clothing, abandoning Christianity and going back to our traditional African Scared Science and religion are also (subtle) acts of protesting and rebelling against our oppressors.

Rizza Islam warned attendees about the dangers and risk of taking the COVID-19 vaccine. He explain that we should be wary about taking a vaccine that had a rushed development cycle; as modern vaccines take ten years to create without flaws, setbacks, and injuries.
Finally, we get to the last speaker of the event: the legendary Judge Joe Brown. Judge Joe Brown showed his ruthlessness from his TV days as he utterly destroyed the opponents of Manhood with his key note speech “Countering the Attack on Manhood in Black Society”.
With glee, he belittles males who in actuality, are cowardly sissy boys who allowed themselves to be bullied on the internet to the point of suicide. He curb stomped the idea of women raising boys without a strong father figure in the house. Anyone suggesting that men and boys should be soft and weak and pitiful got their throats metaphorically slashed by his cold, callous words.

Lastly, my words alone doesn’t do any justice to the wise and powerful words of Judge Joe Brown, so please, check out this exclusive 15 minute video I personally captured of Judge Joe Brown mercilessly going in on the anti-manhood forces in the world today:


In conclusion, we as Foundational Black Americans needed this conference.

Nowhere on this planet could you have find a place where FBAs could network with one another. Where they could buy from Black owned businesses and help build an economic base for Black Americans. The vibe of the event proved the importance of Black empowerment along with the great speakers whom took time out of their lives to give us something.

I pray that we build upon the success of the FBA conference and make this an annual thing.
Black Empowerment is the new wave and will remain that way until the end of time.

Benjamin Snow is a co-writer and executive producer for the Swarthy Nerd podcast

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