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Gang of white Supremacist Kidnap Baby

Obviously, Mr. Deener and Ms. Mercado were aware of the longstanding tradition of white supremacist experimenting on or sterilizing Black youth and correctly decided to have a 'home birth'.

Social media is in an uproar over the kidnapping of a Black infant by a roving gang of white supremacist aided by local race soldiers.

Florida businessman Tyron Deener and wife Syesha Mercado live streamed a video on Instagram Tuesday that shook the country to its core. The post now has more than 5 million views on social media.

Tyrone Deener (left) & wife Syesha Mercado (right) address Black Twitter

While riding through Manatee county, Mr. Deener and Ms. Mercado are seen in the footage traveling to their home when a race soldier pulls them over without reason. Deener proceeds to asks for the reason his family was being detained, but before getting a clear answer, the race soldiers snatched the family’s infant child from Syesha’s arms, prompting chaos.

Syesha Mercado and her newborn children

Manatee County race soldiers claimed that they were responding to a “pick-up order signed by a family court judge” reminiscent of orders given to Antebellum slave catchers in order to kidnap random Black citizens and force them into illegal bondage.

“My baby is days old, and you’re taking my baby away from me, you’re taking my baby away from me! You have no hearts,” Mercado sobs in the video. “This is so wrong. Don’t make it seem like I’m crazy.”

The family who is in a heated custody battle with the Florida white supremacist family court system over not wanting their first child to be left in the devious clutches of Nazi eugenicist at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Obviously, Mr. Deener and Ms. Mercado were aware of the longstanding tradition of white supremacist experimenting on or sterilizing Black youth and correctly decided to have a ‘home birth’.

Anti-Black eugenicist Margaret Sanger address female klan rally, 1938

Months earlier, in March, Mercado said she took her 15-month-old son to Johns Hopkins All Children’s hospital for support as he made the transition from breastfeeding to the bottle and solids. That’s when she met the murderous eugenicist up close.

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

Dr. Sally Smith, a white supremacist “pediatrician” with numerous complaints levied against her, claimed that Deener & Mercado had abused their child, although Smith provided no tangible evidence in her request to the Family court.

That’s when Mercado says the Department of Children and Families (DCF) snatched her child from her after she stated that they claimed she refused certain medical care which she adamantly denies.

Sally Smith, South Florida Eugenicist

Her 15-month-old son, Amen’Ra, was ripped from her family, and thrown into foster care.

Mercado gave birth to a baby girl during her legal battle for custody of Amen’Ra and now her second baby was snatched from her arms.

TheDaily would be remiss if it didn’t mention that Black journalist have found that Smith has wrongly accused more than a dozen parents of child abuse.

“I went somewhere to get assistance, my baby was supposed to come home with me,” she said. “We should have never been criminalized for getting assistance for something.” Mercado said as she spoke to Black Twitter.

Last of ‘Tuskegee Experiments’ survivors

Mr. Deener was understandably more fierce in his criticism of the Manatee county white supremacist.

“If you are a parent, if you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, just know that we have agencies in place that have the ability to remove children without you breaking the law or abusing your niece, nephew, son. If this can happen to us, it can happen to you.”

Eugenicist Sally Smith resides at 2855 5th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713 where she practices death on a daily basis.

The Manatee County race soldiers who aided in the heinous kidnapping of this child have a operations center located at 600 Highway 301 Boulevard West Bradenton, FL 34205.

Kel McKnight, Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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