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Joy Reid Blames Africans For Ukrainian’s Racism

Joy Reid has a message for her fellow Africans, and it ain't pretty.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid saw the viral videos of African students being stopped at the Polish border on there exit from the war-torn Ukraine and she thinks they should stop complaining.

Reid who herself is of Congolese decent, was quick to defend Ukraine, a nation best known for it’s medical equipment and it’s anti-Black racism.

Mammy Supreme, Joy Reid

“Its fracturing the united support for the Ukrainian effort.” Reid stated.

“Listen to official information coming from this nation, not from somebody on social media,” she continued, “Anything bad that happens to a somebody of color within those borders will immediately be picked up by the Kremlin and bolster there effort to take the country.”

Despite the African students only getting international attention thanks to Black Twitter, Reid made sure to express the sentiment that “You shouldn’t believe people on social media.”

Reid’s deceitful dialogue reflects that of the attitude of the larger African diaspora outside of the FBA community. There is no unity amongst them, even in the face of mortal danger.

African students await are denied safe passage out of Ukraine

Reid wants her own African kinfolk to be silent so as to not interfere with the astroturf-like support that the white supremacist in the US have drummed up in support of its fellow racist compatriot, Ukraine.

Reid should be considered a representative of Africans native to the motherland, but instead she made it clear that the world shouldn’t listen to the African’s plight, she would instead suggest that her viewers should listen Ukrainian government that has literal Nazis serving as parliamentary officials.

The response on social media to Reid’s comments were harsh.

Reid is officially in first place for 2022’s ‘Mammy of the Year Award‘ said Black Youtuber ‘YacDiesel’.

“But I thought African immigrants say white supremacy and racism doesn’t exist? Guess they’ll figure it out on that 12 hour walk to the Polish border.” said ‘Mouthy Meghan’ another Black Youtuber.

“I guess Bob doesn’t love Abishola, huh?” said Joey T, a Black political commentator.

Reid along with the rest of the white media utterly ignored the near half-million Ukrainian born white people fleeing their own homelands in the mist of a war for their nation’s very independence.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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