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How to Celebrate Malcolm X Day 2022

Celebrating one of Black empowerment's fiercest warriors.

As we head forward into the year we’ve finally reached Malcolm X’s birthday or Malcolm X day.

Malcolm was a man who blood was traced back to the plantations of the American south. His father was a minister and elite body guard of Marcus Garvey, the modern day creator of pan-Africanism. Malcolm studied under Elijah Muhammad and opened several mosques in the Black community.

Malcolm is etched in history for his ever-lasting commitment to Black empowerment and his undying will to oppose the pernicious forces of white supremacy, a will that he passed down to all of us.

This year we celebrate Malcolm X day by brushing up on our opponents, which aren’t just the white supremacist but any anti-Black racist we come across in our daily lives.

Elder God of State: Malcolm X

If you’re a member of the Family, find a local anti-Black racist in your area and create a pseudo-dossier on them. Monitor their whereabouts, learn their affiliates, learn their occupation and gauge their personal interests.

This is called ‘keeping tabs’ on the bad guys, and every Black citizen needs to know where our enemies could be lurking even if they haven’t outright attacked us just yet.

We are Malcolm’s legacy, but are we prepared to embody his dream of a competent Black security structure?

Stay ready and be available, Family.

Marcus Davis, B1Daily

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