Exactly How Much Has Biden Admin. Given to Ukraine?

How much of Black American's reparations cash has President Biden handed off to Ukraine?

The Ukrainian-Russian conflict has taken its toll on Europe and the Biden administration has spent billions attempting to aide Ukraine but is President Biden sending away potential reparations monies for Black Americans to a war that the US is not officially involved in? And if so, how much is he spending?

Ukrainian white-supremacist march through Lviv

In February, through executive action the Biden administration authorized $350 million in weapons to Ukraine.

In March, the Biden administration unilaterally sent humanitarian aide to the tune of $1 billion.

In April, congress passed a $1.6 trillion dollar spending bill, but allocated $14 billion to Ukraine for weapons and defense. On May 19th the US passed called the Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act allocated $40 billion dollars to Ukraine.

In total the Biden administration has given $54 billion dollars to Ukraine while promising to increase spending in the oncoming months.

Hearings for the 2023’s National Defense Authorization Act is scheduled for June 22. The administration is expected to request between $10-$15 billion in additional defense aide.

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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