“Mother” Wants Money After Calling Thugs to Assault Her Own Daughter

A Rochester “Black mother” who we dare not call “Black” or even a “mother”, is now calling for taxpayers to foot the bill for a recent assault of her daughter by the Rochester Thugs with Badges also known as the Rochester Executioners.

Elba Pope

Elba Pope the “mother” of they young girl nearly killed by the Rochester Executioners admitted on Tuesday that the entire traumatizing incident was initiated by not a white assailant, but herself.

Pope claims that she was in an argument with her spouse and called the police on him. She then claims that her daughter ran out of the house in clear frustration with her parents. “I was unaware that she was upset, I was unaware that she was feeling any type of way or that she had even heard the fight or the argument,” Pope said.

Yet Pope didn’t even have the decency to get her infant child off the damn street and to safety prior to calling the Rochester Thugs with Badges.

“I got custody; you’re my child,” the Pope is recorded screaming at her daughter, as she’s inches from her face. “So you’re going to take your a__ home right now and you’re going to take your a__ in the house.”

Pope then turns her attention to people driving by, and began cursing at them.

Pope has recently retained the services of attorney Lorenzo Napolitano

Attorney Lorenzo Napolitano

We’ve all seen this before. A blond haired ‘hoodrat’ calls the cops on their own spouse or children in hopes that the Thugs with Badges either

A. Arrest or kill her spouse
B. Kill one of her multiple children by different men
C. Harm her or someone she knows so she can sue for personal monetary gain or at the very least record it

Rochester Executioners preparing to assault young Sista

Looks like Elba Pope doesn’t want the Rochester Thugs with Badges in prison for nearly killing her daughter, instead she wants the surrounding Black taxpayers to foot the bill for the inevitable “emotional distress” civil lawsuit.

Elba Pope doesn’t deserve to retain custody of her daughter after this clear act of malice. The young girl is dealing with trauma from not only the Rochester Thugs, but her own clearly dysfunctional home. It now becomes obvious why Pope’s daughter was screaming for her estranged biological father (not to be confused with the man currently living with Elba Pope) despite her mother only being 10 feet away while she was being accosted by the Rochester Executioners.

Well intelligent Black society is sick and tired of abhorrent individuals like Elba Pope. We’re going to draw a hard line for the individuals who would trade in their own children for a quickie payout from the white injustice system.

The Black community has a lot of internal cleaning up to do.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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