Paris Upheaval: Antifa vs La Cocarde

Paris streets were once again filled with violence as students aligned with Antifa clashed with others from a La Cocarde a right wing version of the aforementioned.

Antifa & La Cocarde temporarily unite against French government in Paris streets

Reports indicate La Cocarde joined the protest marching towards the Ministry of Education in order to demand the reopening of France’s universities in a unified front with Antifa, but witnesses confirm verbal disputes between the two groups became physically violent as the night fell.

French protesters pose for photo prior to clash

This makes the 6th incident of violent upheaval in the French capital within the last 2 months, and many wonder if Macron, who has seemed to irreparably lost the respect of a vast majority of his countrymen from both sides of the aisle, may be finished.

25th French President Emmanuel Macron

B1 Daily will be updating you on breaking news surrounding the French Anti-Authoritarian Protest
-Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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