Malema Responds to Mischaracterizations of Latest SA Protest

Chairman Malema believes the onlookers' criticisms are placed upon the wrong people.

Much of the international media is attempting to mischaracterize the outrage and subsequent protest of South Africans over their demonstrations centered around the wrongful arrest of former SA President Jacob Zuma.

Mr. Malema believes the onlookers’ criticisms are placed upon the wrong people.

Malema heads to court over parliamentary inquiries into Zuma

EFF’s longest serving chairman took to Twitter over the weekend to weigh in on the deployment of the SA Police Service (SAPS) and the potential deployment of the SA National Defense Force (SANDF), saying they shouldn’t be the first the government calls to handle its own citizens.

“The question should be, where are the leaders to speak to their people? Are they scared of their people? And if the answer is yes, the next question should be: why are they leaders in the first place?” Malema tweeted.

“It is not an insurrection, it is a protest whether there is looting or fire. All of protests have fire, all protests have looting by the way, even in 1976 bottle stores were raided,” Malema defend, “Every revolution has got elements of destruction to property and therefore you cannot say because there is looting it is illegitimate.

Malema’s post comes amid violent protests across the country. Over the past few days Boers have looted, burned, and vandalized the Kwa-Zulu region as well as the lesser known province Gauteng.

Dutch & British descended Boers raise Nazis flag in preparation of rally near Johannesburg, SA

Much of the international community has been quick to blame Black citizens in SA for the destruction of their homes despite a 100 year track record of Boer malfeasance.

Barrington Williams, B1Daily

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