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New Year, New Goals, Same Mission

What are the Black community's top priorities for 2022?

The newly rebuilt Black media is heading towards a new year.

Although we made huge strides in 2020 from putting the white supremacist in big tech on notice, to successfully fundraising a $1 million for a Black business endeavor, and even forcing presidential candidates to bend to our whim, 2021 allowed the Black community to demonstrate its true clout. The Black media began the year with correctly labeling a white supremacist led coupe attempt as such in contrast to the white medias calling it a “protest”.

As a result, new audiences from outside the community began to flock to us thanks to the accuracy, viability, and predictability of the newly invigorated Black media.

We hammered the message of economic empowerment to the point that congressional caucuses, candidates, and celebrities have attempted to co-opt our language.

We’ve exposed the Democrats for refusing to provide economic empowerment for the Black masses despite their repeated handouts to virtually every other group in society.

This is the just the beginning.

While the Black media as a whole is still cash poor at least in comparison to the white media who uses stolen resources from us, we’ve still maintained a disproportionate influence on the national lexicon, and most importantly we’ve focused our group on our enemies both internal and external.

But we can do more.

Prepare Candidates for 2024 Elections

The Black media must be used for promotion of our community’s safety and political power.

First rule is that we screen any candidate. They must have had “knee to knee” conversations with our group, and have vowed to provide tangibles for the Black community in specific.

Once a grassroots candidate has fulfilled the above qualifications we need to be open to providing links to campaigns funds and related PACs on our platforms. We must also continue to publicize the campaign finances of incumbents who’s seats we’re targeting, as well as political opponents of the Black community who may not even be up for election in the cycle.

Optimistically speaking, we should have at least one councilmen in each significant metropolitan midwestern city with a majority non-Black population. Vice versa, we should have majority control of our councils in all majority Black cities in the Midwest.

The reasoning for our hyper focusing on the rustbelt comes partially from financial viability. Grassroots candidates will have no shot in New York, DC, California or Texas elections where candidates are expected to raise millions to simply enter primaries. So we’re going to focus on less expensive elections that we can guarantee a showing in.

Additionally, populations in the rustbelt have been dropping for around 20 years now, meaning that if there’s any part of the country that a minority vote can gain its footing in, it’s there.

Waterloo, Iowa City Council

Promote Stringent Punishment

We’ve begun the process of imprisoning race soldiers or so-called “vigilantes” who would dare attack the Black community.

In 2020, white supremacy’s enforcement apparatuses including the “police”, national guards, and military started to break thanks to the Black media pushing for prison time for anti-Black violence. This caused many members of white society’s guard dogs to go wild, cumulating in an attempted coupe at the start of 2021.

As suspected, the white supremacist have started to attack any soft targets they can find, including their kinfolk.

These facts didn’t stop the white media from attempting to gloss over the 2021 coupe attempt, and completely hide the fact that the storm troopers who carried out the attacks weren’t seriously pursued or punished by white federal authorities. This complacency on the white media’s part only further emboldens these terrorist towards future instances of violence.

We’ve stayed the course, causing these anti-Black attackers to start receiving substantive jail time, but now its time to demand for mandatory minimums for anti-Black attackers.

We should be seeking state policies that mandate a life sentence for anyone caught accosting a Black person, and where circumstances permit it, the death penalty.

Anti-Black attacks must not only be seen as a hate crimes, but human rights violations.

When a race attack happens, we have to call for the harshest penalty in a unified voice. This will cull the families who would be so despicable to barter with the white supremacist for a quickie paycheck over their family members lives, forcing them to openly call for punishment or risk defying the community’s wishes.

Unified commentary typically wins the day, and the Black community is much more unified at least at the grassroots level than most. We have to use that advantage of a singular voice to push the envelope.
If we sit on our laurels, the white media will attempt to setup a national narrative that “things have gone back to normal” or Black people being harmed with impunity while the white supremacist commit rouge acts of terrorism.

We need to make it clear that this is the new normal, and that the white supremacist will spend the next century on the run, not us.

Race Soldier Dereck Chauvin

Cutting Out Infotainment

Following the operandi of one of the Family’s finest members , our goal has always been to elevate the discourse of our community. We’ve begun to do this in the last decade, and to be honest, the Black intelligentsia has dominated, but now its time for us to outright run the competition out of the room.

We’re gonna double down on attacking fake Black media ventures that would dare promote infotainment. This includes media focusing on rappers who speak about whores, money paid to them by white people, or usage of narcotics. This also includes media that focuses exclusively on geek culture, tv shows, movies or trivial endeavors while avoiding discussions of Black empowerment.

We will haze any Black media platform that does not promote economic empowerment 24/7.

We’re going to have to shame, yes shame family members who engage in infotainment or who routinely engage in escapism no matter if they’re ingesting the white media’s false images on the news, white funded movies that often produce anti-Black tropes or images, or through music that promotes the destruction of our community.

To be clear, platforms promoting politicians that refuse to guarantee tangibles for the Foundational Black community is infotainment, because it doesn’t financially empower our group in the slightest.

Think Tanks, Think Tanks, Think Tanks

The white media exist to mislead, manipulate, and control. Being the natural antithesis to evil, the Black media exist to inform, invoke, and empower.

While our intentions may be noble, we’re lacking apparatuses meant to provide us primary sources of data.

While the Black community has a small, a very small number of thinktanks its imperative that we increase that number 10 fold.

These organizations will provide their own empirical breakdowns of white supremacy’s tactics and methods so that we may more effectively fight them.

Most people don’t bother to think political opinions out, meaning that the media that they consume will directly influence their opinions. Thanks to the 1996 telecommunications act the white media was able to create an illegitimate monopoly of broadcast media. As a result, they’ve been able to effectively poison the minds of many in our community.

Our rhetoric must become entrenched. Part of that process means that we must have reliable data sources, the brightest minds to analyze the information, and the best speakers to put it in proper context for our community.

2022’s moto will be organization. Except we’re no longer organizing for a protest of the local gun-toting white supremacist. Instead we’ll be organizing to create the bull works that can sustain and protect us going into the next century. We’ll be organizing for our power.

The Black media has to uphold the legacy’s of our forefathers like Listervelt Middleton and Gill Noble by not only targeting anti-Black practitioners, but also providing the most succinct and pertinent information to our viewers as often as possible.

We’re on our way to making their dreams a reality.

Barrington Williams, Sylvester Loving, B1Daily

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