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How to Celebrate Dr. John Henrik Clarke Day 2022

Celebrating a legend is never easy.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke was a gift from the ancestors, a prophet to the entire Family.

He began his research in a time when Black scholars were often mockingly called pseudo-academics whenever engaging in African studies.

This never deterred him.

Dr. Clarke was known best for his success in various fields of studies, but most importantly he was a world renown historian. His endeavors into the intentionally covered up Black history created the foundation of Black academic studies we continue to this very day.

Honorable Dr. John Henrik Clarke

He read and produced so many pieces of work that he eventually went blind, but his wisdom never faded.

Dr. Clarke was the living embodiment of the word prophet.

He told the Family where it was and where it had to be, and where we we were going. So we’re going to celebrate our heroes rather the larger society acknowledges it or not.

So how do we celebrate such a bold figure?

Well to start, we dedicate his birthday and this weekend to only shopping at Black outlets.

Dr. Clarke dedicated his life to teaching us the importance of power, so lets demonstrate it.

Given online vending this is more than feasible.

And although we shouldn’t need a holiday to do business with each other, and it shouldn’t stop with this holiday, lets take this opportunity to collaborate with one and other in the same fashion that Dr. Clarke often did in the past this year.

Honorable Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Its important to not only celebrate our Family but live in their image. Dr. Clarke wanted us to focus on economics and resources.

We have to remember that we don’t buy from our oppressors, so put in the extra effort and find Black online vendors.

Lets look to each other this John Henrik Clarke day!

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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