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Protestors Turn Up Heat on de León

Protestors rally at the LA City Clerk's Office and officially submit their notice of intent to recall de León from city council.

Just 3 weeks after the scandalous tape of members of the LA city council disparaging Blacks Californians and openly discussing their plans to redistrict electoral lines in order to take away voting power from the Black community in Los Angeles organizers have now submitted a notice of intent to recall Kevin de León, one of the councilmen caught on the lude recording.

Protestors camp outside of LA City Clerk's Office 10/22/2022
Protestors camp outside of LA City Clerk’s Office, 10/22/2022

 The notice was sent to the City Clerk’s Office, initiating the first steps in the recall process. Analyst say that organizers only need to collect signatures from 21,006 registered voters in District 14, which would equate to roughly 15% of the total voter population in the district.

L.A. City Council chamber flooded with protestors

 These signatures would need to be collected within 120 days of the petition being certified.

Kevin de León
Demonstrators stage peaceful protest outside of De Leon’s residence

For the last month protestors have been camped outside of de Leon’s house as a show of solidarity with LA’s Black and indigenous communities and a public rebuke of de Leon’s exposed racism.

Kerry Hill reporting live from Washington DC, home of the 2022 Reparations Rally

Kerry Hill, B1Daily

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